800 + Visitors Enjoyed Winter's Day on the Farm

Opening at noon, Sunday, Feb. 7 under bright blue skies our first families came through the visitor center. Notably the younger children, happy to be outdoors and invigorated by the crisp air, quickly made their way to the farmyard. King and Major, our new draft team of Percheron horses greeted them in their stalls.Their first public contact was very successful. These big black beauties reacted and showed they like people. Their ears up, heads over the gate and looking for attention. Calvin and Hobbs were busy making two trips. They pulled the wagon loaded with ice from the pond to the ice house behind the Willows. The kitchens there and at the farmhouse were warm and inviting as cooking was being done on the wood burning stoves. Maple sugar tapping and using the 2-man wood saw and other tools were attempted by many. All 7 Jersey dairy cows were in the barn so everyone could see them up close. Farmer Chris took Carly out to the farm yard to demonstrate milking. Our sheep in their woolly coats, Tom turkey structed around with his tail spread the whole afternoon , ducks and chickens also enjoyed the day. Our animals miss our visitors in the long winter months.