4 Generations of Registered Jersey Dairy Cows at Fosterfields

October 5, 2015 was the eventful day. Our 2 year old Carly gave birth to her first calf, making Calico our 15 year old registered Jersey a great-grandmother. Jersey cows originated on the Island of Jersey in the English Channel. First imported to the U.S. in 1850. Mr. Charles Foster, with his wise business sense as a commodities broker, ran a highly regarded Jersey Dairy Cow Farm with his brother Ralph and achieved national recognition among Jersey cattle breeders. In 1884 he traveled with his 7 year old daughter Caroline across the Atlantic Ocean to procure additional stock. The Jersey is a small body size breed, easy to manage, grow quickly, live long and adapt well to their environment. Their milk is most valued for it's high percentage of butterfat. Our new calf is named " CINNAMON " go to the photo gallery to see pictures of her at 9 days old.